Our History
Macedonian Thrace Brewery was established in 1996. However, it was actually born many years ago as the fruit of its founder’s love for Greece. The fermentation for creating VERGINA beer first began in the soul of Demetri Politopoulos, who decided to invest in his home country all his knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm and passion, because, as a citizen of the world, he could not accept that a country like Greece had not its own beer identity.
It all started in the mid-1990s, when Greece lacked a 100% genuine Greek beer. Athens-born Demetri Politopoulos, with a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Stevens Institute of Technology New Jersey, USA, decides to be specialized in brewing by obtaining a Brewing Technology Diploma from the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA. His main goal was to actualize a bold idea: return to his homeland and create a Greek brewery with the aim of producing, bottling and marketing top quality beer, produced from Greek malting barley and having a Greek label.
He chooses the area of Komotini due to the high quality water that gushes from the Rhodope mountain range (according to the tradition, it was there where the first Greek beer was produced in the ancient times) and the strategic position of the region due to its close proximity to the markets of the rest of Europe and Asia, and establishes Macedonian Thrace Brewery starting a revolution in Greece's Independent Craft Brewery. In 1998, VERGINA Premium Lager is brewed and the journey of the first 100% authentic Greek beer has just begun...
A Greek beer revolution! 
Our values

Our principal aim is to “listen” to the market needs by creating innovative products of high quality from Greek raw materials, to add value to Greece’s agricultural production by actively supporting the people who cultivate the Greek land, to strengthen our local and national economy by reinvesting in our country, creating new job positions and focusing on sustainable development by reducing our environmental footprint in every possible way.

ETHOS. Characterizes our steps and our actions by claiming healthy and competitive conditions for Greek entrepreneurship.

RESPECT, to the consumer, aiming at maintaining the best relationship based on trust and reliability.

LOYALTY, to the Greek land & RESPECT to the Greek producer.

Emphasis on INNOVATION, with state-of-the-art technology applications, creating new job positions and actively supporting our homeland.

RESPECT TO THE ENVIRONMENT, emphasizing on sustainable development.

PASSION, for a common purpose, to produce and promote high quality Greek products.

Macedonian Thrace Brewery is established

In 1996 Demetri Politopoulos returns
to his homeland from the U.S.A.
aiming at creating  the first 100%
authentic Greek breer. He chooses the
area of Komotini due to its high quality
water and establishes Macedonian Thrace
Brewery. The journey of the first and most
beloved beer in Greece has just begun!

VERGINA Premium Lager

On February 13th, 1998 the first 100%
Greek beer with a Greek label is born
and the independent Craft Beer Revolution
begins in Greece. VERGINA Beer Lager was
and remains the first truelove of the Greek
beer lovers.


It was October of 2001, when VERGINA
Red was launched in the Greek market.
However, only a few know that VERGINA
Red was initially brewed for our Brewmaster’s


In June of 2003, Vergina Weiss, Greece’s
global beer champion is born. The world
famous and multi-awarded VERGINA Weiss
enchants the senses of the beer lovers across
the globe winning the greatest awards in the
biggest competitions, such as the European
Beer Star Awards, the International Brewing
Awards, and many others.

We introduce the Contractual Farming of
Malting Barley in Greece

Macedonian Thrace Brewery was the first to
introduce the concept of Contractual Farming
of malting barley in Greece in 2006, inaugurating
a new era for Greek farmers and microbrewers.
Our contractual farming partners are assured
that their whole production will be purchased at a
fixed price at the start of each season.


In June of 2013, Macedonian Thrace Brewery
presents its  “Byzantine Empress”. VERGINA Porfyra,
is produced in limited quantities every year,
and was created with the beer connoisseur in mind.

We inaugurate the first Malting Plant of Greek interests in our country (Thracian Malt)

Our desire to be self-sufficient, while
being able to control the supply and
quality of our basic raw material were
the primary reasons which led us to
establish our very own Malting Plant.
Greece is transformed from a malt importer
to an exporter, as our Thracian Malt supplies
dozens of indepent breweries  across the Balkans
and the Eastern Mediterranean.


In January of 2017, the uniquely dark
and mysterious VERGINA Black is born!
Strong and unfiltered with distinctive coffee
and vanilla overtones, offers a unique tasting
experience to the black beer lovers!

Our Visitors Center

In April of 2017 the Visitors Center of Macedonian Thrace Brewery is completed. In May of the same year it opens its doors and hosts the first ever Independent Craft Brewers Roundtable (I.C.B.R.), an annual event for independent brewers from U.S.A, Europe and Middle East. Our Visitors Center is the starting point of all Macedonian Thrace Brewery’s tours and it’s the best place to enjoy VERGINA beer directly from the source!!!

Malting Plant Expansion

In April of 2017, the expansion of  our malting plant is completed and its capacity is doubled, which has enabled us to cover not only our own needs, but also the needs of 90% of Greece’s microbreweries, the Balkans, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel with our world class Thracian malts.

Research & Development Department Established

In the Spring of 2017 Macedonian Thrace Brewery’s world class Research and Development Department was established. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology (GC-MS, HPLC, atomic absorption, etc.) and in collaboration with Universities, Institutes and State Agencies, our R&D lab has the capability of analyzing soil and detecting heavy metals in the raw materials used in brewing. At the same time all the necessary tests and analysis are carried out for the improvement of the final product, such as detecting the volatile and aromatic substances of the beer.

New VERGINA Brand Identity

The traditional values ​​of brewing, the origin from Thrace and the genuine craft character of each VERGINA beer stand out with dynamic visual features in our new logo and new packaging. The new logo becomes a key point in the organization of the label, with modern, minimal but, at the same time, solid writing, which contributes to the recognizability of our products. The depiction of the lion is emblematic acquiring the character of a “blazon”, which is exactly what a beer that continues the tradition in Greece’s brewery, deserves. In the process of designing the labels, particular emphasis was placed on the distinct differentiation of the premium beer types of our portfolio, as well as on the strengthening of the elements of a single corporate identity of our 6 different codes, so that VERGINA family can be identified at first sight.

New Release VERGINA Alcohol Free

A new member joins the VERGINA family in the summer of 2020: The new VERGINA Alcohol Free, which charms with the unique color of its label and captivates with its taste. “Free” from alcohol (ALC. 0.4% vol.), thanks to its natural fermentation, it keeps the light and at the same time full-bodied taste of an authentic Lager. While it has features that make it irresistible, such as that it has only 25 calories /100ml and contains folic acid, the new VERGINA Alcohol Free has nothing to envy from the classic Lager!

VERGINA Honey & Spice Ale

In November 2020, the Macedonia Thrace brewery presents the Honey & Spice Ale beer. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, double-fermented Ale beer with honey, bergamot & pink pepper, in a limited number of bottles.

New Release VERGINA Radler

The New Vergina Radler launches in spring of year 2022. Premium VERGINA is mixed with lemon juice and floral honey, with an excellent result! With only 2% alcohol it is an ideal choice for any moment of the day.

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