Vergina Weiss: the Greek beer from Thrace with the greatest international distinctions (19/11/2014)

Following the silver medal at the International Brewing Awards in London in 2013, the major international awards for Vergina Weiss and Macedonia's Thrace Brewery continue, with the Bronze European Beer Star Award 2014.

Vergina Weiss was selected as one of the three best beers of its highly demanding category among hundreds of excellent entrants of small and large breweries from all over the world, and indeed in Weiss’s birthplace by judges who were mostly Germans.

“It is a special honor for us this year’s Vergina Weiss distinction, as the love and the preference shown by Greek lovers of quality beer has brought us once again to the podium of one of the biggest international competitions in the world. We also feel justified by the fact that we started the “revolution” of the independent small breweries of our country in 1998, treating David as Goliath the multinational oligopolies that until then had the absolute control of the Greek beer market” mentioned the Director Production and Brewmaster of Macedonian Thrace Brewery, Mr. Christos Dimtsoudis, upon the receipt of the trophy at the Winners’ Night held in Nuremberg on November 12th.

Mr. Dimtsoudis continued: “the international distinctions of Macedonian Thrace Brewery and other small, independent Greek breweries in our country prove that Greece does not need the funds or the expertise of multinational giants to produce the best beers of the world.”

In turn, Dr. Werner Glossner, Director of Private Brauereien, said: “With the European Beer Star prize, we are celebrating authentic beers from all over the world who adhere to the traditional principles of European brewing, while combining top taste, high quality and special character “.

This year’s competition involved 1,613 beers from 42 countries and all continents. All participations were evaluated by a 105-member jury consisting of brewers, beer sommeliers and recognized industry experts from 25 countries. It is worth noting that the evaluation at the European Beer Star Awards takes place through the blind tasting process, which means that the judges do not see the labels of the beers they are testing, while the total of the participations are evaluated on the basis of color, aroma, flavor, visual characteristics and general impression.

Macedonian Thrace Brewery, remaining faithful to the triptych of the high quality, the delightful pleasure and the independent journey that the Bronze European Beer Star Award 2014 provided, dedicates all the discrimination it has received so far to the Greek consumer.

Source: Kathimerini Newspaper

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